Things can only get better… sunshine, lollipops and hand-knitted bathers

Co-production Wales newsletter – special summer issue!

Anyone out there remember the profound horrors of the hand-knitted bathing costume? I had one in beige and green stripes. No-one asked me if I wanted one in beige and green stripes – choice wasn’t a big thing in 1950s childhoods as I recall – it simply appeared one year and hung around until I thankfully grew out of it. The moment it came in contact with sand or water (rather prevalent at Barry Island as it happens) it became clammy, cold, sand-filled and itchy. The absolute antithesis of comfort, functionality and chic.

Anywayoop, yesterday I was mulling over the state of the world, as you do, and the fact that everything seems to be getting worse rather than better. Then I remembered my knitted bathers – a perfect example of things getting massively better. Which put me in mind of the SS&W Act, and the WFG Act, and the decrease in homelessness in Wales since WG decided to do something about it, and the declining use of plastic bags, and the glorious Welsh football team, and the end of right-to-buy, and the wonders of our costal path and a record number of Blue Flag awards for our beaches… AND, best of the best, all of you lot, the people who have inspired, supported and helped create the Co-production Network for Wales. Massively better and then some.

So this final CW Newsletter (the next issue will come from the new Network) is dedicated to you. Get out the deckchair and knotted hankie and enjoy a jamboree of ‘things that have got (and are getting) massively better’ – starting with an introduction to our new team.

Here’s the link…

And an au revoir from me… I’m stepping back from co-pro work for a while (but will doubtless continue to pontificate loudly from the sidelines at regular intervals). Thank you for an amazing and uplifting five years. May the sun twinkle upon you unto the fourth generation. 


Happy hols!


About Ruth

UK National Teaching Fellow, Founder of Co-production Wales (All in this Together), co-pro trainer and consultant, working to make co-production 'the way we do things' in Wales. And having a ball!

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