A co-production Network for Wales!

We’re launching the member-led Co-production Network for Wales!

[let trumpets sound / maidens swoon / lambs caper / hearts lift / joy be unbounded]
As you probably know, we (Co-pro Wales, WCVA, Cartrefi Cymru) have received Lottery funding to develop a Co-production Network for Wales. Our collective aim is to help transform our public services by embedding co-production as the primary approach to commissioning, design, delivery and evaluation in Wales. Our patrons are Edgar Cahn and Julian Tudor-Hart. Inspiration personified!

And at some point over the past three years YOU helped to make this happen.
You might have signed a petition, written a letter of support, persuaded a colleague, researched a report, commented on the proposal, attended an event, given a presentation, organised a workshop, bought us a cuppa, encouraged us or inspired us. Many of you simply got on with it and, against all the odds, made co-production a reality.

Now we need your help to ensure that the Network is truly a collaborative venture.
We need to:
• tell people about the Network and encourage them to become members
• find people who would like to apply for the Director and Co-ordinator role
• work together to develop the outcomes and activities agreed by the Lottery
• build effective partnerships in relation to the core work-streams (see diagram below)
• establish the Members’ Forum at the heart of the governance process.

An urgent request…
Right now we don’t have any paid staff – we hope that they will be in post by September – so are reliant on the co-pro community (that’s you!) to help make all of these things happen. Soooo…

Please can you do three things today:
1. Spread the word: pass on this email, talk to colleagues, friends and neighbours, tweet and post and help us create a buzz…
2. Help us find a fabulous Director and Co-ordinator: forward the job information below to all and sundry – including yourself!
3. Stay involved: we’ve come a long way in the past four years. Please stick with us and continue to be part of this transformative social movement…we’ll be in touch very soon with more information (and requests!).


for a Wales where everyone is valued as a contributor to the common good

With three year’s funding from the Big Lottery Fund, a partnership of agencies (Co-production Wales, WCVA & Cartrefi Cymru) want to appoint two really special people – a Network Director and Network Co-ordinator – to build a new membership organisation that will help to ensure that co-production principles are at the core of Welsh public services and make a real difference to people’s lives. Are you committed to working alongside people (doing with rather than doing for or doing to) and to the principles of equality and mutuality that underpin co-production? Have you the ability to influence and inspire? Have you the ability to work collaboratively and methodically in pursuit of transformational changes in power-relations? Are you an organised doer as well as a good talker and a fantastic dreamer? Then one of these jobs could be for you.

For an information pack please visit the Cartrefi Cymru careers page: http://www.cartrefi.org/en/careers/current-vacancies.aspx

For an informal discussion, please contact Rick Wilson on 01792 646640, Adrian Roper on 02920 642250 or Ruth Dineen on 02920 227726 (after April 25th).

Network celebration, planning & recruitment event – 26 May. Get it in the diary!
Our pre-launch celebration, planning & recruitment event will be in Welshpool on 26 May…numbers are limited by space and funding but we’ll do our very best to ensure that all our key partners and co-pro champions are able to be there. Invitations will be sent out in the next week or so.

Future planning / thinking / partnerships…
Once we’ve recruited our exceptional staff, the next step is to co-create an active, mutually-supportive community of practice, able to inspire, energise and influence others. Then we change the world – starting with Wales. The original Lottery proposal is on our website.
We intend to link up with partners for all of the core work-streams in order to extend our collective capacity and to encourage collaboration rather than competition. Our work-streams include:
• a citizen’s network to build confidence, capacity and influence
• an academic network to help develop the evidence base, and an evaluation model, and to support the use of co-productive research methods
• an asset map of co-production in Wales – people, projects, know-how, skills, training, mentoring and prospective partnerships
• case-studies – getting people’s voices heard, telling our stories and sharing the evidence
• resources, tools and techniques – creating an open-source resource of literature, videos, and practical tools to support co-production in practice
• commissioning model – co-produced commissioning and commissioning for co-production; creating a model that works for us all
There’s more (see the original proposal) but that’s probably enough excitement to be going on with. If any of these areas of work interest you, please let us know…we hope to have a list of current and potential partners set up for all of our work-streams by the start of September.

Seeing is Believing – co-production catalogue from Wales
Just a reminder of some of the fabulous co-pro initiatives that are already happening in Wales: the Co-pro Catalogue was launched by the Health Minister in December. We hope to keep adding new case studies and people’s stories as evidence of the transformative impact that co-production can have on individuals, communities and services. Heartwarming stuff!

As individuals we are relatively powerless. Collectively we are unstoppable.

Thank you for everything. Here’s to the next three years!
Ruth and the Co-pro Wales Board:
Nick Andrews, Swansea University
Jan Balsdon, The Wallich
Ben Dineen, Spice Innovations
John Hallett, Cardiff West Communities First
Jenny O’Hara Jakeway, Powys Carers
Simon James, RCT Interlink
Joe Powell, All-Wales People First
Adrian Roper, Cartrefi Cymru / Wales Social Co-ops
Rick Wilson, Community Lives Consortium / Wales Alliance for Citizen-Directed Support


About Ruth

UK National Teaching Fellow, Founder of Co-production Wales (All in this Together), co-pro trainer and consultant, working to make co-production 'the way we do things' in Wales. And having a ball!

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