A People’s Commission for Wales: WCVA responds to the Williams Report

Just in case you hadn’t seen it yet, we’d like to bring the following publication to your attention. The Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) has published a brief but punchy paper in response to the Williams Report, arguing that while the Williams Report pronounces itself in favour of co-production, its “how to” is still sorely lacking in innovative and indeed co-productive practices.

“Co-production is the new mantra but co-production is not just about the public sector and its structures, leadership training and targets. The public sector has still to embrace the ‘co’ in co-production and fully recognise this is not a new word for partnership or a new management theory for government. The ‘co’ is the people and recognising and mobilising their contribution as assets is still absent.”

“Co-production is now at a crossroads. It will not work without mobilising, recognising and rewarding people and their contributions alongside those of the statutory services. Putting people at the centre means there is not one right way of doing things and no universal delivery mechanism, except to start with the energy, passion, creativity and strength in communities and build from there.”

Another emphatic nudge to the public sector to “be brave enough to start a conversation that matters“. (~Margaret Wheatley)

The link again to WCVA’s report page for reference.


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