nef’s Co-production Commissioning Masterclasses coming to Wales

UPDATE! our south Wales Masterclasses kick off on 9th & 10th of July with delegates from Welsh Government, WCVA, Participation Cymru, local authorities, Big Lottery, Wales Co-operatives and plenty of third-sector radicals. Places still available on the north Wales Masterclasses in October…

UPDATE! 45 expressions of interest so far – plus several offers of venues and a mountain of enthusiasm. We are hoping to find a way of running two Masterclass series, in north and south Wales. The new economics foundation are very keen to support us but they are a small organisation with limited funding so capacity is an issue. Hope to have more information next week…

Let joy be unbounded! The lovely folk at nef, along with the wonderful Helen Sharp from Lambeth Council, have offered to run their Co-pro Commissioning Masterclasses in Wales. The intention is to build a professional peer-support network for commissioners – across England and Wales – who will help kick-start this outcomes-based way of working and support others to do likewise.

You can get an overview of the general aspirations of the initiative in the attached document – ‘Commissioners’ network: commissioning for outcomes, social value and co-production’. Commissioners’ Network  This is specific to the London-based sessions which start next month.

The Welsh Masterclasses will have the same aims, and contain the same core content, but are likely to be run over fewer, more intensive sessions. We’re discussing the how, where and when with nef – will let you know when details are finalised.

Feel free to contact us  for more information. You’ll also find a link to a nef presentation on co-produced commissioning on our resources page.

This could be a game-changer!


About Ruth

UK National Teaching Fellow and Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University. Founder of Co-production Wales (All in this Together), co-pro trainer and consultant, working to make co-production 'the way we do things' in Wales. And having a ball!

12 thoughts on “nef’s Co-production Commissioning Masterclasses coming to Wales

  1. Hi Cerys
    The focus for these masterclasses will be on local authority commissioners – trying to get things to change at the top. But I’m really keen for third-sector, campaigning and community groups to learn more about what can be done at the sharp end. Then we could have a pincer-movement and come at it from all sides! I’ll see if it’s possible to get a one-day workshop/seminar set up to coincide with the Masterclasses so that we can all help to make this happen. Please give me a nag if I seem to have forgotten!


  2. Hi,

    I am very interested!!!

    Transformation Manager
    Aneurin Bevan Health Board


  3. Great – thanks Barbara. I’ll add you to the list (42 people to date) and will be in touch once we have sorted out details of what, when and where. Given the high level of interest we’re hoping that nef might be able to run two Masterclass series. A nef presentation about co-pro commissioning is on our resources page.


  4. I’d certainly be interested in this. I’m currently co-ordinating a portfolio of third sector projects with co-pro as a central aim. We also have a new Head of Commissioning here in Pembrokeshire who I’m told is very pro co-pro. Keep me posted!


  5. Very interested as a regional collaboration & Imporvement Officer working to support co-prodution, collaborative working and joint commisioning.
    Would love to hear frompeople in the same position about good practice


  6. Hi Nicky, I’ll add your name to the list and will be back in touch once I’ve had a chance to sort out details with Julia from nef. If you haven’t already joined the Wales Group of the Co-production Practitioners Network, please do! Great way to stay updated about what’s happening here…


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