Q&A snippet: is this expensive?

(Blog post, thoughts and ponderings by Noreen.)

So today is the day that we are sending the Open Letter to our First Minister and the members of the Cabinet. The emails have gone, we will be taking the hard copies to the Senedd building this afternoon, and we are in the midst of a flurry of media activity. Two TV programmes will be featuring Ruth on co-production tonight (BBC1 Wales Today and S4C Newyddion), and this morning I made a radio appearance on Good Morning Wales (BBC Radio Wales).

And oh my, live radio, it is hard!

It was fast-paced and this quiet person who likes to ponder things, had to think on her feet. Of course, as soon as I left the studio I started thinking of wonderfully clever responses I could have given instead. Here’s one in particular that I think is much better than the one I came up with on-the-spot.

Question: So, co-production, you say it’s cost-effective and it offers savings in the long run, but in the short term it can be pretty expensive to implement, right?

Answer: Well, actually it doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s about attitude first, and about starting to ask the right questions: “how do *you* want your life to be?”, rather than “how do you fit into our system?”. That doesn’t cost anything. Although of course you can dress it up as fancy as you like, if you have the budget! 

To be fair, there may be some costs short-term – co-production isn’t a quick fix or a magic pill, here today and gone tomorrow. This is about a deep culture change, to create services that work better and that are sustainable. But it’s something that you’ve got to take the long view on.

Still. My bumbles notwhithstanding, it went fine, and we are delighted that All in this Together has been on national radio.



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Used to work on Co-production Wales, now somewhere else. Direct any queries to Ruth Dineen on coproductionwales [at] gmail [dot] com.

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