Cardiff Policy Cafe brings its erudition to bear on co-production

Breathless with anticipation and pink with delight, I bring news of the re-launch of Cardiff University’s famous Policy Café, on February 26th from 5.30-7.00 in the Committee Rooms, Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University.

The Policy Cafe aims to bring together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to network, exchange ideas and identify the future direction of social and public policy in Wales. Erudition, debate, wit AND cheese & wine will be available in plenty. And the topic chosen for the launch couldn’t be more apposite:

Co-production: participation by a new name or something more radical?

Professor Mark Drakeford (Assembly Member Cardiff West; Cardiff University) will provide the welcome and lead the debate; Becky Booth (Chief Executive, Spice Innovations) will talk about the on-the-ground impact of co-production through a time-banking case-study and I will be talking about the radical nature of co-production and its ability to transform our communities and ourselves. Round-table discussions will focus on the challenge of legislating for behaviour change and the likelihood of governments agreeing to share power with citizens (A. not very).

By which time I suspect that we will all be so breathless with anticipation and pink with delight and/or fulminations that we will have to stop being erudite and fall upon the cheese and wine.

All welcome. Do hope you can be there. To register and/or find out more please go to or email

More about Becky:

More about me:

More about co-production on this blog.


About Ruth

UK National Teaching Fellow, Founder of Co-production Wales (All in this Together), co-pro trainer and consultant, working to make co-production 'the way we do things' in Wales. And having a ball!

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