Co-producing resilient communities event – new venue!

Demand for tickets for this event has been amazing: we started off in the City Hall with a capacity of 60 but sold out in 10 days. We moved to County Hall (capacity 100) where we sold out in a week. So, with the help of my UnLtd Millenium Award and additional support from the Welsh Government People and Environment Team we have moved to the Park Inn and there we stay! The list of delegates (all 180 of you) is almost as starry as the line-up of speakers…almost 100 organisations are represented. We look forward to meeting you all and to moving one step closer to our co-produced aim of making co-production the primary method of public service delivery in Wales.

Details of the speakers and their presentations are on the AitT events page on this site.

Tickets and more information via Eventbrite.


About Ruth

UK National Teaching Fellow, Founder of Co-production Wales (All in this Together), co-pro trainer and consultant, working to make co-production 'the way we do things' in Wales. And having a ball!

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