What’s New 1 – Action Network updates

At the last All in this Together Action Network session emphasised the need to get on with it and do something! No doubt many of you have been doing just that – please let us know of any actions you have taken, contacts you have made or conversations you have had, which could move us closer to our goal.

I was in the Lift-off group and have made a start on two of our priorities – engaging champions and producing a co-production briefing paper. I have one version which explains the basics of co-pro – what and why (see co-pro briefing page), and I’m working on a second one which draws on the Scottish model to offer a possible ‘how’. That will be posted up in the next week.

I’ve set up meetings with several politicians whom Mark Drakeford suggested would be interested in our initiative, and with co-productively-inclined civil servants (delightfully thick on the ground as it happens). Michael Trickey (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) and Megan Mathias of Public Services 2025 are providing knowledgeable support and we hope to collaborate on our shared agenda. I’m also in contact with our fabulous Scottish colleagues, particularly Gerry Power and Chris Bruce, Co-production Lead and Talking Points director for the Scottish Government’s Joint Improvement Team, Gayle Rice and Lisa Pattoni from IRISS (Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services), and Sue Northrop from the Scottish Government’s Directorate for Strategy & Performance. Their generosity in sharing what they have learned is a great example of collaborative working, and gives us a superb springboard from which to launch a Welsh co-pro model. They have also offered advice about getting co-production values written in to the legislation – an essential first step.

More soon…


About Ruth

UK National Teaching Fellow, Founder of Co-production Wales (All in this Together), co-pro trainer and consultant, working to make co-production 'the way we do things' in Wales. And having a ball!

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